Welcome to my page! This site was built to share Jesus with as many people as possible! It is my hope that this site helps you with your Christian life.

Each blog post is categorized by the person or organization that inspired me when I wrote it. Some posts are originals.

This website was a calling I felt God place upon my life and finally (after my many excuses) it has come to fruition. Through prayer, study, and work for Jesus, this website exists to glorify God!

Have a look around and let God have the glory!

She Reads Truth

Ask, Seek, Knock - Ask, seek, and knock for God to answer. Build a relationship with Him and grow closer to Him through prayer and His Word. Yes, God knows your heart and knows all (past, present, and future) yet He still wants a relationship with us and wants us to come to Him with all our needs. Be … Continue reading Ask, Seek, Knock
Jesus Loves and Saves All - Do you ever feel that you are too far gone for Jesus to love you or save you? Does it feel that you have sinned too much for Jesus to really care? That’s why He came! Jesus came to save all people, not the perfect people (spoiler alert: there aren’t any perfect people). Jesus came … Continue reading Jesus Loves and Saves All
Who do you say that Jesus is? - Who do you say that Jesus is? Is He the Messiah? Is He your Lord and Savior? Is He just a prophet that lived years ago? Is He just a teacher or just a preacher? Who is Jesus to you? May He be your Lord and Savior, may He be your comforter, may He be … Continue reading Who do you say that Jesus is?
Let us Rejoice - Let us rejoice in the Lord today as we experience fellowship with others in Christ’s name. Let us worship Jesus and carry this with us every day. Let us hear His Word and let that message guide us and help lead us closer to God. #Sunday #Bible #Jesus #God #shereadstruth
Safety in Jesus - Dangers can be found all around us. We need security to get through them. During a storm, shelter is found indoors. During a fight, shelter is found in numbers. During a difficult time in life, safety and security is only found in Jesus. Trust Him, He will protect you. #Jesus #Bible #safety #shereadstruth


Laziness - Do you ever get lazy in your walk with Christ? I know I do and every time I regret it. What always ends up happening is I take God for granted knowing He will be there to help me when I get into trouble that I keep being lazy anyway and do what I know … Continue reading Laziness


All Things New - “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away, behold , all things have become new.” 2 Corinthians 5:17 (NKJV) When I first heard that verse, it shook me. It sounded great to be a new creation in Christ, but I had accepted Jesus and didn’t feel like … Continue reading All Things New
Actions Speak Louder - ‘Actions speak louder than words.’ This is a phrase I’ve heard countless times from my Momma. See, she’s my Sunday School teacher as well and there has been so many times during a lesson that she will ask the class, “what’s our phrase?” To which the class will respond (sometimes in that tone you use … Continue reading Actions Speak Louder
The Key to Planning - Making plans is not something Christians tend to talk about, partially because of the old saying ‘we plan and God laughs.’ While this is true, we shouldn’t use this as an excuse not to discuss how to actually plan…with God. Let’s break it down. To make plans with God is not to go to God … Continue reading The Key to Planning
The Trap of Excuses - ‘It’s ok, I can just do it later. No big deal.’ ‘I don’t need to study right now, I can finish this game.’ ‘I’m gonna read my Bible later, I want to watch this movie first.’ ‘ I plan on finishing that tomorrow.’ ‘I’ll get all caught up on that tomorrow.’ ‘I’ll do that tomorrow.’ … Continue reading The Trap of Excuses
To All People - Jesus has given us a mission, to share the Gospel with all people. Not just some people, not just the people you deem worthy, all people. Jesus never said, ‘I only want you to share the Gospel with people of the same race, same economic background, same style choices, and same political affiliation as you.’ … Continue reading To All People

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