Jesus will set you free

Jesus came to set us free. When we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior, we are free from sin and bondage. Jesus set us free because He loves us so much. In the Old Testament, we see so much foreshadowing leading up to Jesus birth and life. Imagine living in the times of the Old Testament, living completely on faith that one day the Messiah would come and set us all free, not knowing when or how. What incredible faith! We have the entire Bible to show us the Messiah and prepare us for His second return, they didn’t have this, they only had faith. May our faith be that strong, especially with what we are given. May we seek Jesus in all things and live for Him through all things, and glorify Him in everything. Let us all spend this Christmas praising Jesus and worshiping Him. #Advent2018 #Christmas #Christmas2018 #Jesus #Bible #shereadstruth