Life tests

Tests. The part of school that most students dread. You study and try so hard to stuff every bit of the material into your head so that you can hopefully retrieve all of that information in order to put it on the test and receive the reward, a passing grade. Life is filled with tests. The Bible outlines these tests that many followers of Christ and many godly people were faced with. Not every test was passed with flying colors and not every test was a pleasant one, many weren’t. Tests are not always easy but they are important. A test in school is there to understand how well students know the material. A test in life is there to challenge your faith and strengthen it so that as other trials in life come (and they will), your faith will be strong to get you through. Don’t dread a test, embrace it knowing God will see you through. Trust Him. He loves you and wants what is best for you. #Advent2018 #Christmas2018 #Christmas #Jesus #TrustGod #Bible #shereadstruth