When God calls

Have you ever felt God calling you to do something that you feel completely unprepared for and totally unequipped for? Most probably have. That’s called growing and stretching. When God calls you out of your comfort zone it’s because He wants you to stretch in your faith and grow closer to Him. By trusting God when He calls you to do something you wouldn’t dream of, you get closer to Him because you can’t do it alone. The Bible is filled with stories of people trusting God when He calls them and it has stories where people have ran from God when He called them, usually leading them to something more difficult and eventually it becomes clear to do as God has called. When God calls, answer. It may be scary to follow what God has planned but God knows what’s best and loves you more deeply than you know and knows what’s best for you. Trust Him and stretch your faith and grow closer to Him. #Advent2018 #Christmas2018 #Christmas #Jesus #Bible #shereadstruth