The Bible in a year

So I decided to finally read my Bible, the entire thing…in a year. I’ve never done this but I am so excited! I’ve read the New Testament and bits of the Old Testament but never the entire Bible, it always seemed overwhelming to read it all. Although it may be daunting, it is so worth it and is already becoming a great idea for this year!

I decided to follow the reading plan in the She Reads Truth Bible as compiled by the late Reverend Robert Murray M’Cheyne, M.A. This plan involves 4 chapters per day and mixes between the Testaments in a way that allows for connections to be made between prophesy and fulfillment.

It has only been one day and four chapters but already I have seen, more deeply how God planned everything for eternity. Do I know His plan? Of course not! What I do know is this, God knew everything before He ever began His work. He knew He would need to send His Son. He knew it all and still chose to follow through. Why? Because of His love for us. God loves us more than we can ever comprehend and it is because of that love that we are able to live freely for Him. We are free to choose how we live, Jesus is there to hold out His gift for us and patiently waits for us to accept it.

Why wait? Accept Jesus and begin a life for Him. Part of a life for Jesus includes studying His Word, so open your Bible and dig in!