Actions Really Do Speak Louder Than Words: Faith Means Living for God

Faith. Such an interesting and sometimes very difficult thing to do. To have faith is to willingly let go of all you think you know or think you can do and hold on to God, fully trusting in Him without knowing the full picture of what is to come. The disciples that Jesus called were much like us in that they were typical and imperfect people, not saints and certainly not perfect. Yet, when Jesus called them, the went and followed Him. How amazing their faith! They willingly left all they knew to follow Someone they didn’t! I wish my faith were this strong. Before this year, God has been pushing me toward ministry and had been judging me toward this work, yet I continually put Him off making excuse after excuse. This made me miserable in my daily life and I became lazy in my walk with Christ. Finally, I had had enough and decided to get back into God’s Word and that led me to decide to create this ministry. I want to serve God. I want to follow Christ. No matter what. May we all have a great faith to follow Christ wherever He leads and do all God has called us to do. May we live fully out loud for Christ and let our actions become greater than any words we may speak. Talk is cheap, it’s your actions that shout the love of God. #Jesus #Bible #LiveforGod #shareJesus #shereadstruth