Faith > Fear

I’ll admit, sometimes when God calls me to do something, I panic and give God a multitude of excuses. I get fearful of the opinions of others and wonder what they will think of me if I step out in faith and do God’s Will. Here’s what happens though: I miss out on growing closer to God when I do that.

In Genesis, we learn of Noah. Everyone knows the story of Noah and the ark God called him to build. Imagine, for a second if Noah had given God a list of excuses to not build the ark or if he had put it off. What might have happened? Without the ark, entire species could have been lost, the human race could have been entirely wiped out. Would God have let this happen? Of course not, His plan will always come to fruition but it would not have been through Noah.

When we make excuses and put off what God has called, we miss out. We miss giving God our all. When we let the world dictate our actions, we push ourselves further from God instead of growing closer to Him. A big reason for this: Growth isn’t Comfortable.

To grow is to stretch, to stretch is to go through a small pain so that bigger pain is less likely. When I wake up in the morning, I stretch really big and sometimes a muscle will be stiff from not moving in a while. Although it hurts a bit to stretch, it helps so that when I begin my day, I’m not in pain. Think back to when you’re a kid and you’re growing, remember those growing pains that you thought meant you were going to lose that leg because it hurt so bad? Your body needed to grow and although it hurt, the pain didn’t last and you were able to grow. Spiritual growth isn’t comfortable and sometimes includes a bit of pain, but the payoff is that you grow closer to God and that helps to ease other pain from other trials later.

Let your faith be bigger than your fear, let your faith be louder than your fear. Listen to God instead of the world. Let yourself grow closer to God, trust Him. Don’t put off what God calls you to do out of fear, trust Him and do His Will. Don’t miss out on your growth opportunity.

Remember, Jesus has overcome all things, so your faith can be greater than your fear.