The Trap of Excuses

‘It’s ok, I can just do it later. No big deal.’

‘I don’t need to study right now, I can finish this game.’

‘I’m gonna read my Bible later, I want to watch this movie first.’

‘ I plan on finishing that tomorrow.’

‘I’ll get all caught up on that tomorrow.’

‘I’ll do that tomorrow.’




We are so good at making excuses to make ourselves believe that putting work we need to do off is ok. That putting our wants or desires above the work we need to do is ok. That having fun can be placed above doing God’s work.

These. Are. Lies.

These lies come from the devil and are used to keep us from doing God’s Will and furthering His Kingdom. The devil wants us to get lazy, wants us to keep tied up in the temptations and fun of this world to put off doing God’s work. This is dangerous because we need to be ready and willing to do His work, because if we don’t…who will?

As God’s Kingdom and servants of His Will, it is our calling to do God’s Will, to grow His Kingdom. When we listen to the devil and place temptations and the ways of this world above God’s Will is to step away from the Great Commission given by Jesus. Let us all be brave and wise in seeking God’s Will and living it out, placing God above all else.

Let us further His Kingdom and do His Will. God’s Will is the most important part of any Christian’s life.

Let’s live it out by stopping the excuses.

Let’s evade the trap of excuses.