The Key to Planning

Making plans is not something Christians tend to talk about, partially because of the old saying ‘we plan and God laughs.’ While this is true, we shouldn’t use this as an excuse not to discuss how to actually plan…with God.

Let’s break it down.

To make plans with God is not to go to God and say, ‘ok God, here’s what I’m going to do and I want you to bless it.’ That’s the wrong way to do it. To bring what you’ve planned out to God and asking Him to bless it is to take His Will out of the equation. That’s telling God to follow your will, not His.

I know so many people that make their plans, start acting on them and the pray over them to God and wonder why they don’t always work out like they hoped. Just because something sounds like a good idea to you, doesn’t mean it’s part of God’s Will.

So how do we plan with God?

Go to God first. When you feel that nudge to move or when you feel uncomfortable or are unhappy or frustrated, go to God. Seek Him and His ways.

When you feel comfortable and joyous and happy and content, go to God and seek Him and His ways.

See that?

What you do when you’re ready to move is the exact same thing you need to do when you’re comfortable and content. Remember, God’s timing is not always the same as your timing.

God will nudge you to move when His timing is perfect and if your in His Will already, it will feel right and perfect because you are already seeking Him and doing His work. God has the perfect plans for you, He knows all and sees all, so trust Him to make the plans and to help you act them out. Don’t try to do it on your own, it’s too big of a burden to carry.

Let God make your plans. Let God bless what you do in His Will. Did you catch that? His Will. Not yours.

Seek God and what He wants for your life, not what you want. Let your wants and desires be to live out God’s Will for your life and your heart will align with His and your plans will become His plans.

Let God plan.