About Me

About Me

My name is Megan Vest-Piercefield (MVP) and I love Jesus! I love talking about Jesus, learning about Jesus, and living for Jesus. Let me begin by saying I am not a preacher. I am not a pastor. I am not a minister. I am not any of those things. I am simply sharing Jesus in the best way I know how. I have done speaking engagements and I love doing those, but I am not a pastor. In fact, I am a Southern Baptist that fully believes every word of the Bible and I want the world to know about Jesus.

Here’s my story:

I am adopted. Let me guess, you’re thinking I was adopted as a child, right? Somewhere between the ages of birth – 18? Not exactly. I was adopted at the age of 27 and a half. That’s right, 27.5 years old and I was adopted. Guess what? I couldn’t be happier! You see not being adopted for so long led me on a journey that helped me grow closer to God and rely upon Him for all I needed. I was never in the foster system (praise God) but I did have less-than-stellar parents. They divorced when I was 2 and my birth mother was more interested in men than her children (there were 3 of us until I was 9, and 5 of us since I was 11). My birth father was young and raising a daughter wasn’t an easy thing for him. So at 9 years old I was removed from my mother’s care and placed with my father’s parents. It was a difficult time for me. I felt unloved, unwanted, not good enough, like I had done something wrong. I always felt this way when something bad happened, it’s how I was raised.

As I grew older, I learned about Jesus and His love for me. A love so audacious I couldn’t comprehend it. I read a quote somewhere that said, ‘children in the foster system may not react to love in a warm way. If they have never known love it’s like getting into a warm bath when your body is cold, the water stings your skin until you get acclimated.’ I fully agree with this. When I first met Jesus and His love for me, I didn’t think it was possible for me to be loved like that. I didn’t get it but I did want Jesus. So, I began to pray to Him to give me parents that loved me. What He gave me was Himself and taught me that He is enough.

After a few mistakes of my own and a few trials that I only survived by the grace of God, I decided to give Him my life. I was 27 when I decided to fully follow Jesus. A few months later, I decided to be baptized. I was never more sure of anything in my life. I have never looked back and never want to. 2 months after I was baptized, my adopted parents agreed to be my adopted parents. God finally gave me what I had always wanted. I never could have dreamed God would bless me as much as He has. Not only did I get my adopted parents, my birth father has built a relationship with me!

My life hasn’t been easy, neither has anyone else’s. Even though I follow Jesus, I still face struggles. I know I’m not alone and I know that with God, I can do anything and when you are in fellowship with other Christians, those struggles become easier to bear.

My name is Megan Vest-Piercefield and it is wonderful to meet you!

God bless!

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