Do you ever get lazy in your walk with Christ? I know I do and every time I regret it. What always ends up happening is I take God for granted knowing He will be there to help me when I get into trouble that I keep being lazy anyway and do what I know I shouldn’t. I’m human, we all are. We make mistakes. God does still love us and still picks us up. We shouldn’t just go through life this way though. We need to give God our all and live for Him. God is there to keep us in His will, we still need to freely choose Him though. Sure, if God wanted to He could make us all choose Him but He doesn’t because He wants us to have free will to choose Him. I see it this way, God gave us free will because if we are forced to follow Him there’s no faith there, there’s just habit or conformity. God wants us to choose Him because we want to, not because we have to.

Choose God, choose to follow Him and choose to spend time with Him each day.