Ask, Seek, Knock

Ask, seek, and knock for God to answer. Build a relationship with Him and grow closer to Him through prayer and His Word. Yes, God knows your heart and knows all (past, present, and future) yet He still wants a relationship with us and wants us to come to Him with all our needs. Be persistent in prayer, faithful that God will answer.

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Jesus Loves and Saves All

Do you ever feel that you are too far gone for Jesus to love you or save you? Does it feel that you have sinned too much for Jesus to really care? That’s why He came! Jesus came to save all people, not the perfect people (spoiler alert: there aren’t any perfect people). Jesus came so that all people could experience Heaven, through Him. Jesus is the only way to Heaven, no matter what you have done, Jesus loves you and wants to save you. Jesus always wants what’s best for you, regardless of what you’ve done or where you’ve come from. #Jesusloves #Jesussaves #Jesus #Bible #shereadstruth

Who do you say that Jesus is?

Who do you say that Jesus is? Is He the Messiah? Is He your Lord and Savior? Is He just a prophet that lived years ago? Is He just a teacher or just a preacher? Who is Jesus to you? May He be your Lord and Savior, may He be your comforter, may He be your teacher and preacher and may He be the One you follow first and foremost and give your entire life to.

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Let us Rejoice

Let us rejoice in the Lord today as we experience fellowship with others in Christ’s name. Let us worship Jesus and carry this with us every day. Let us hear His Word and let that message guide us and help lead us closer to God. #Sunday #Bible #Jesus #God #shereadstruth

Safety in Jesus

Dangers can be found all around us. We need security to get through them. During a storm, shelter is found indoors. During a fight, shelter is found in numbers. During a difficult time in life, safety and security is only found in Jesus. Trust Him, He will protect you. #Jesus #Bible #safety #shereadstruth

Actions Really Do Speak Louder Than Words: Faith Means Living for God

Faith. Such an interesting and sometimes very difficult thing to do. To have faith is to willingly let go of all you think you know or think you can do and hold on to God, fully trusting in Him without knowing the full picture of what is to come. The disciples that Jesus called were much like us in that they were typical and imperfect people, not saints and certainly not perfect. Yet, when Jesus called them, the went and followed Him. How amazing their faith! They willingly left all they knew to follow Someone they didn’t! I wish my faith were this strong. Before this year, God has been pushing me toward ministry and had been judging me toward this work, yet I continually put Him off making excuse after excuse. This made me miserable in my daily life and I became lazy in my walk with Christ. Finally, I had had enough and decided to get back into God’s Word and that led me to decide to create this ministry. I want to serve God. I want to follow Christ. No matter what. May we all have a great faith to follow Christ wherever He leads and do all God has called us to do. May we live fully out loud for Christ and let our actions become greater than any words we may speak. Talk is cheap, it’s your actions that shout the love of God. #Jesus #Bible #LiveforGod #shareJesus #shereadstruth

God Over All

It’s easy to get caught up in the amazing miracles that Jesus performed. Just like it is easy to get caught up in following a speaker rather than the One they are speaking about. We, as Christians are called to follow Jesus, yet we, as humans, are so easily tempted to follow people speaking about Jesus. We can get caught up in the flash and excitement of a good show and miss the message being preached, the message of Jesus. When listening to a speaker or attending a conference or even taking in a Christian concert, don’t lose sight of why you are there…to hear the Word of God and to praise His name. Don’t get caught up praising the person and not the Savior. Don’t let this world sway you into seeking people over God. #Jesus #Bible #GodOverAll #JesusFirst #shereadstruth

It’s Not about You

As Christians, when we share the Gospel it is easy to get ahead of ourselves and begin patting ourselves on that back. It’s also easy to hear the Gospel and focus on the one sharing it rather than the One it is about. We must remember that the Gospel is about Jesus and living for Him and sharing Him with the world so that others may be saved, not about building up our Christian resumes and adding jewels to our crowns. Don’t loose focus on Jesus, keep Him as your True North because He is the One to be praised because He has done everything, we have done nothing without Him. #Jesus #Bible #shereadstruth

When God calls

How do you feel when God calls you to something? Do you feel intimidated? I know I do at times. When God called me to begin this ministry journey, I admit I was a bit overwhelmed but as time has gone on it gets better. God will always provide for us, just as He did when He sent His Son for us. Imagine how Mary felt when she was told the news. Frightened and nervous probably, but she accepted and knew it would be alright because she had the Lord with her. We have the same Power, when we follow Jesus, we have the power of the Holy Spirit with us, helping us. Let us rejoice in that and let us share Jesus with all those around us. #Jesus #Bible #shereadstruth

Jesus came to be the Way

Jesus came to save us, Jesus came to provide for us a way to live. In this new year, let Jesus be your Guide to life. Be a part of His Kingdom and share Him to grow His Kingdom. Why wait? Accept Jesus and begin living the best life. Not the easiest, but the most fulfilling. Jesus is the Answer and Jesus is the Way! #Jesus #Bible #shereadstruth