Jesus is the Answer

As 2018 comes to a close, let me leave you with this last inspiration for the year. Jesus is the Answer you’re looking for. The Truth you hope to find in a world of uncertainty. The Hope you need in a world of devastation and sadness. The Peace you crave in a world of chaos. The Answer to all the questions you have about how to make it through in life is Jesus. The Only Answer is Jesus. All you will ever need is Jesus. He will provide you with everything you could ever need to make it through life. Only in Him will you find true contentment and fulfillment that lasts. Sure, we can find temporary fills that are nice in this world, but nothing compares to the fulfillment of Jesus, nothing compares to His Joy, His Peace, His Comfort, His Love. Jesus will fill every gap you have in life. From every pain you feel, Jesus will bring you peace and comfort. Seek Him. Love Him. Share Him. Follow Him. Jesus is the Answer. May all of you have a blessed 2019 and may everyone seek Jesus in the new year! #Jesus #Advent2018 #Christmas2019 #Bible #seekJesus #loveJesus #shareJesus #JesusistheAnswer #followJesus #NewYear2019 #shereadstruth

The Name of Jesus

Jesus. The Name above all names. The King of Kings. The Lord of Lords. The Savior. The Perfect One. Jesus is the Name we are to remember. The Name we are to seek. The Name we are to share. Let Jesus be the Name that you wield for protection from the devil and his ways. The Name you share with the world to spread the never-ending joy of the Gospel. The Name that provides hope and comfort in times of despair. The Name that fills you with overwhelming joy in good times. The Name above all names. Jesus. The Lord and Savior. Have you accepted Him? Don’t wait, go to Jesus in prayer, humble yourself before Him, admit and repent of your sins, seek His forgiveness, accept Him and choose to live for Him. It will be the greatest and best decision of your life. #Jesus #KingofKings #LordofLords #Nameaboveallnames #LordandSavior #Bible #Advent2018 #Christmas2018 #NewYear2019 #shereadstruth

Breaking the Rules

I’ll admit, at times, I don’t want to follow the rules set before me. There are times I don’t want to go the speed limit, I want to take it as a suggestion instead. As a human, this is a given that we are not perfect, however this doesn’t mean we are excused. We still need to repent of these sins and seek forgiveness from the Father, who will freely give it. When Jesus came, He easily could have disregarded the law, He could have placed Himself above it but He didn’t. Jesus followed the law, God’s law. Jesus did so, so that we would have the Perfect Example to follow. Jesus set the bar for us to strive for and only through Him can we make it. We will never be perfect, we will break the rules, we will accidentally behave unlawfully (hello speeding) and yet Jesus is ready and willing to forgive us, we need only humble ourselves and admit our sins and seek forgiveness. It’s that easy. Go to Jesus, humbled by your imperfections and seek His perfect love and grace. #Jesus #seekJesus #Bible #Advent2018 #Christmas2018 #NewYear2019 #shereadstruth

Go Out and Share the Gospel

When we, as Christians share Jesus, sometimes we are met with opposition and disbelief. This can be disheartening and can lead to discouragement, but take heart! Jesus will provide you with all you need to share His Good Word and share the Good News! It is God’s will for all of us to share Him with all people, this is part of the great Commission. Think back to when you first heard the news of the Savior, it’s a story that is easy to disbelieve, a man being fully God and fully man that lived a perfect life and was crucified to save all people, both those living then and those to come, forever. It goes against everything we understand as humans, yet it is completely true. So when you’re met with disbelief as you share the story of Jesus, remember it is to believe the opposite of everything you know. #Jesus #Bible #Advent2018 #Christmas2018 #shareJesus #NewYear2019 #shereadstruth

The Emotional Mountaintop

As we approach the new year it’s easy to get lost in the valley below the great mountain that is the joy and excitement of Christmas. As with any joyous occasion, the buildup to Christmas can all come crashing down when it’s over. How do we keep the joy in the everyday? How do we carry on? By keeping in God’s Word and keeping close to Him every day. Go to Him in prayer, praise Him through worship, read His Word every day. That’s how to keep the joy. Remember joy is not happiness. Happiness is a fleeting feeling that is temporary, joy is a deeper blessing given by the Holy Spirit that gives us hope to carry on through the tough times and peace to help us through the mundane and overwhelms us with happiness during the good times. Go to God and you will find joy. Seek Jesus and you will be able to carry through the mundane. Hold Him in your heart and share Him with the world. #Jesus #loveJesus #seekJesus #praiseJesus #Bible #Advent2018 #Christmas2018 #NewYear2019 #shereadstruth

Jesus Came for Us

Jesus came to save us, to fill us and to give us all we need to live for Him. Jesus is the Perfect Example, He lived the perfect life in that He was faced with the same temptations we are, He felt the same weaknesses we do and yet He overcame all of them. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, we too can overcome all the ways of this world that don’t line up with God’s ways. My mom once told our evening class at church that she didn’t fully understand what is meant by not loving the world. I told her that it doesn’t mean not to have love for God’s creation but rather do not love the ways of this world, do not place this world over God. Love God first, everything else second. To not love the world means to not love the sinful nature of this world, to love God and His ways above all else.

Are you living for Jesus? Are you following God’s will? Repent of your sins and accept Jesus, the Holy Spirit will guide you in God’s will. Let Him help you overcome all things. #Jesus #Bible #Advent2018 #Christmas2018 #NewYear2019 #shereadstruth

The Birth of the King

As we celebrate the birth of the King, let us remember that no matter what someone wears or where they come from or who they are, Jesus loves them and so should we. Every person needs Jesus. It can be so easy to get stuck in this idea that Christians must look a certain way or come from a certain place to be able to share God’s Word and that’s simply not true. Remember John the Baptist in His wild look and a diet of bugs and honey. Anyone that follows Christ and knows Him as their Lord and Savior can share Jesus and grow His Kingdom. Everyone needs Jesus. Everyone. Don’t let looks or material things sway you from sharing Jesus. Remember, you could be the last glimpse a person has before they’re taken from this world, don’t waste it on judgement that someone is unworthy of God’s love. Share Jesus. #Advent2018 #Christmas2018 #Jesus #JesusistheReason #ReasonfortheSeason #ShareJesus #Bible #shereadstruth

To Choose Jesus

Jesus is the Word. Jesus was there in the beginning and will be there beyond the end. Jesus has always been and will always be. Jesus is God. God knows all and loves us anyway. Since God knows all and loves us anyway, why not trust Him? Since Jesus is God and God knows everything and loves us anyway, why not live for Him? God wants what is best for our lives, what’s stopping you from giving Him your life? Live for Jesus, that’s all He asks because He loves you and wants what is best for you. #Advent2018 #Christmas2018 #Christmas #Jesus #LiveforJesus #Bible #shereadstruth


Grace can be difficult. To show grace is to show forgiveness and kindness. To allow people to be human. Sometimes grace can be easier to show others than ourselves. We sometimes get stuck in the notion that since we are Christians we are to be perfect. We are not. God does not expect perfection, God wants us to give Him our all and come to Him with our imperfections and repent when we sin and keep trying to do better with Him. Not on our own, not working harder just to make it ourselves but by seeking Jesus in all we do and growing closer to Him. We won’t be perfect but we can accept His grace and we can show grace to others and ourselves when we falter. #Advent2018 #Christmas2018 #Jesus #grace #forgiveness #repentance #Bible #shereadstruth

Truth and Wisdom

We all want truth. We all want to know what is really going on, what is true and factual in everything. The Bible gives us the truth we seek. God gives us the wisdom we crave. By reading His Word and seeking Him in prayer and following His will for our lives, we can live lives that are focused on Him and give Him glory. God’s perfect wisdom is the perfect guiding light to light the way in our lives. Jesus is the Perfect Example of living in God’s perfect wisdom. Seek Him and live for Him. #Advent2018 #Christmas2018 #LiveforJesus #SeekJesus #Jesus #Bible #shereadstruth